The Debacle

Where failure is always an option.

This light-hearted, western comedy follows long time friends Vaughn (a devout hypochondriac) and Larry (a hapless and perpetually single romantic) on a fun jump through time. When a chance encounter with a stranger leads to their finding themselves in the 1870's, they're forced into situations where failure appears to be a foregone conclusion. Terrified by change and even the hint of danger, Vaughn and Larry are a given a task that must be completed within two weeks or risk never returning to their modern day reality. Will an ill-tempered gunslinger put a bullet in their quest to get home?
(Completed and pursuing distribution)

Buckin' Life

It doesn't matter what the bull do. If you're a bull rider, you ride'em.

Buckin’ Life is a unique reality show that introduces viewers to four fun loving, tough as nails, over the top, hardworking bull riders.

The heart of Buckin’ Life lies in what drives one to risk so much for potentially so little. For most riders, professional bull riding is a second job, but it is their highest priority.

You will hear first hand what led them to choose this unbeaten path. What the struggles of training and competing to be a champion while working to support themselves and loved ones are. What do family and friends think of their choices? Can they keep this up and where do they hope to go from here?

Just how tough do you have to be to live this Buckin’ Life?
Creator: Frontier Rider Productions


A new, emersive multi-media storytelling experience.
(In Development)

ARISE inter-active story

Fast Drive to Vegas

A Rock n' Roll fairytale that might come true.
(In Development)

Fast Drive to Vegas

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